Ideas for customer content right now

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In my last post I talked about how your community of customers and advocates need you more than ever! Having said that, you need to remain relevant and useful to them. Otherwise, you are just going to meld into the sea of emails and service providers they have right now. Creating more customer content right now is the way forward.

While I was working out whether the role of advocacy was going to be important or not during the pandemic. I started doing content creation and coming up with new ways to engage with our customers, alongside the marketing team and Customer Success of course.

Customer content ideas

Here are my thoughts on what we can all be doing right now to remain relevant… but as I said before, you are going to have to chuck out the rulebook and get your hands dirty to create some genuinely amazing customer content.

Webinars for customers

Like you have never seen them before, there are hundreds, I mean hundreds of webinars out there right now, focusing on wellbeing, remote working and “what you should do for your sector”. You need to put yourself in the position of your customers and find out what they really need right now and don’t be afraid to be spicy.

Community led content

This might be tricky, depending on who your customer base is they may have all been furloughed or made redundant, but speak to your customers, do this in tandem with Customer Success, and mobilise those who aren’t having a really terrible time to contribute something. Community or customer led content will really help to steady some of your unsteady customers.


I just want to highlight again the need to keep it relevant, you shouldn’t use COVID-19 as a marketing ploy. You know what your company does best, so make sure your blogs are relevant and ramp up the amount you’re writing. Ask everyone in the business and community! Ask them all, yes kids, even sales!

Social media

How are you using your social media right now? Are you still pushing the same old messaging or have you gone nuts and made it all COVID related? Well you need to sit down with your social people and workout how the customer voice can support the business right now, maybe, even, *cringe*, it’s customers talking about how much the company really gives cares about them… just a thought


If there was one piece of advice I would give people right now, no matter what job you do, its experiment, just keep trying out new ideas and new forms of communication. The old ways just aren’t going to work anymore, if you have an idea no matter how odd it may be, flesh it out and try it out.

Work together

Like seriously, now isn’t the time to go out on a limb and prove you are the messiah. Work with the rest of the marketing team, sit down with Customer Success and ask Sales how you can help.

I have been really enjoying getting my hands dirty, I’ve been reminded that trial and error is one of the most important aspects of marketing. If you don’t give it a bash, you won’t know if you’re onto something great.

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