Customer marketing: Stay relevant within your organisation

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We’re all feeling the pinch right now. Our marketing budgets have been slashed and we’re all side-eyeing one another in our marketing teams for when the money comes rolling back in because it will. Customer marketing still want a slice of the pie.

As I’ve talked about in previous posts, as some archaic institutions start to topple the green shoots of growth and innovation start to grow, and for those organisations who have put their people and customers first and acted in both an agile and responsible way, we will start to feel the upsides. It will be bumpy though.

For some it’s going to be really tough, customer: advocacy, marketing, reference or community, whatever you’re called, sometimes seem like a “nice to have“, but we are vital to the success of any company in a world which is now going to have to up its digital game.

So, customer marketing how are you going to make sure you’re still relevant?

You need to arm yourself and be brave. I’ve already started to dig into this in a post about how “you need to be useful”, but that was about remaining useful to your customers. How are you going to hang on for dear life internally and ensure your budget isn’t completely destroyed. Well I may have some ideas…

Stats are your new best friend

If they weren’t already your best friend, they really need to be now. I can’t lay it out any clearer than the masters of marketing hubspot: as you can clearly see below… 55% of customers really do trust referrals and a whopping 46% trust a customer reference. I have no shame in saying that we are the masters of making that happen. undefined

You need customer marketing Internal advocates

I talk about this time and time again, but you need a group of internal advocates. These may not always be senior management but it is time to start leveraging those relationships so you build a force to be reckoned with around you.

Hold a meeting

I did this recently, I invited everyone in the company to an advocacy update. I was scared, but, it worked out in my favour. Now I will be holding one every month.

The data doesn’t lie, if you’re tracking your advocacy efforts and using great research like the stuff above its a no brainier. Make sure you talk about everything advocacy as a company success and don’t be shy about name dropping those internal advocates.

As lame as the piece of power-point work below is, it demonstrates clearly to people how we work together. undefined

Embed yourself in marketing

My final point might sound like a simple one, but it’s hard to always feel “fully” connected with our marketing teams, as we tread our fine line between what the customer, marketing, customer success and sales teams want. Honestly, the rest of the team need you and you need them. Together with our marketing team, we are updating our sales personas to incorporate both social media and advocacy behaviours so that the connection remains tight. Here is another great HubSpot resource all about how you can develop your own advocacy personas.

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