Amplifying the voice of your customers

Customer advocacy programmes amplify the voices of your customers who love what you do to attract new business. Whether you’re in B2B or B2C people are influenced by those who have already bought your products or services, 55% of buyers trust a word of mouth recommendation over vendor created content (38%) and sales people (22%). 

We can work with you to audit the advocates you already have and come up with a plan of attack to help generate real meaningful relationships and content with your customers to amplify the voices of your customers to start growing your business.

Creating communities

Communities matter. Our customer advocacy model places creating a community at the centre of forming amazing relationships with your customers, resulting in sharing your customers insight with prospects, nurturing them and growing your business.

Marketing for customers

Customer marketing is a sure fire way to increase your ARR, generate advocacy and form that sense of community. Customer marketing can; increase your ARR by promoting new products and services to your current customer base, generate advocacy by supporting your advocacy programme and form a sense of community by showcasing resources and customer specific activities just for them. 

Our customer marketing and advocacy audit can highlight room for opportunities and ensure your providing your customers with the right resources and information to capture their interest. 

The Origin Story.

Advocitude was born whilst Emma Foote, our Chief Customer Advocate was working at successful tech start-up Clear Review. Her colleague Rob leaned across her desk one day and said jokingly she should start writing about advocacy, and they joked about calling it Advocitude. So it was done and Advocitude was born.

Emma worked in the charity and international development sector for the majority of her career, which taught her a valuable lesson: communication, relationships and community are paramount to the success of any business. 

Emma’s background in building relationships, inbound marketing and growing communities all came together when she became Head of Customer Advocacy for Clear Review. There she was able to develop our customer advocacy model and bring her expertise together. 

Now through Advocitude she hopes to help other businesses lean into their best asset: their customers.

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