Communities. We’re all part of one in some form or another, coming together and interacting with people who share common interests. For brands who want to reach their customers and create meaningful relationships, having a dedicated space for their customers strengthens their reputation and creates life-long advocates.  

For those brands who aren’t incorporating community into their overall growth strategy, they’re missing out on some rather critical business opportunities because when it’s done right, community can support and scale your business. 

How ready is your B2B business for a community?

Our Community Indicator will ask you ten simple questions to help you assess your B2B businesses readiness for a community.

There are key considerations to factor in, for example: 

  1. Does your marketing focus on demand gen already?
  2. Do you consider content such as newsletters, social media etc as community building? 
  3. Do you already bring prospects and clients together either virtually or in person?

Check-out the Indicator:

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