Quick wins when you want to build customer advocacy

It’s hard not worry about quick wins in customer advocacy, this blog explores why fostering more meaningful relationships with customers is worth the wait.

Customer relationships are on the brink of a trust emergency

Our customer relationships are on the brink of a trust emergency and according to the 2021 Edleman Trust Barometer, “people don’t know where or who to get reliable information.” So, what are organisations in the B2B and B2C world going to do to bring themselves back from the brink?

Are customer reviews enough social proof for B2B buyers?

Are customer reviews enough social proof for B2B buyers. Although they are important you need to make other aspects of customer advocacy your north star.

Customer advocacy: frequently asked questions

We’ve gathered the most frequently asked customer advocacy asked questions on the web and pulled them together to give you some of those much needed, most up-to-date answers. It’s a hard life understanding this customer advocacy stuff, so let’s make it easy!

True customer advocacy is not just about money

Customer advocacy is not all about the customers who spend the most money with your company. Explore why and how to find other customer advocates.

Customer Advocacy: time to adapt and evolve

Are you thinking about what the world is going to be like after this is all over? I would say 99% of us are considering what is going to happen to our jobs, homes, loved ones etc – will life ever return to “normality”, will the economy stabilise and will the tidal wave of recession that’s about to hit destroy everything?

Exploring permissions for customer content

What do you do in customer advocacy when a customer all of a sudden decides you can’t use the content you’ve worked on together! Explore permission levels with them of course… read more to find out how.

Building a customer community 101

How do you build a successful customer community and why does that fit in with your customer advocacy programme.